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Hi all, and welcome to my blog. Over the last year I was encouraged to blog on our intranet about work related stuff during my downtime. Not really the blogging type I gave it a shot anyway and my first post was about online editors I had found useful. Turns out no one had really used them before and thought it was a really handy post.

I decided to keep blogging about random pieces of information that I came across during work. I found myself going back to my own posts about techniques I had just learned and didn’t do them often enough to remember them off by heart.

This blog is a collection of those posts. It is really just a reference blog for myself, however I have made the posts live just in case someone finds them useful :)

CSS3: From Knowledgable to Ninja – Part 2 Specificity

understanding specificity




Estelle Weyl handed out a great reference guide to specificity or in this case speciFISHity where an ID is like a shark, a class is like a fish and an element is like plankton – literally Plankton from Spongebob Squarepants! inline styles are like the BP oil spill and !important blows them all out of the water.

The * selector, or global selector, has no value.

* {} 0-0-0

Combinators, like ~, >, and + have no value

ul li {} 0-0-2
ul > li {} 0-0-2

:not has no value, but parameter selector does

.myClass:not(p) {} 0-1-1

Specificity is not inheritance.